MMA Exco 2018-2019 Election

MMA Executive Committee elections for 2018-2019 is scheduled for 9th March 2018, Friday.

Voting Day: 9th March 2018, Friday
Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Orchid Hall, IGMH

Candidates standing in the election:

Dr Ali Shahid Mohamed

Vice President
Dr Adam Khaleel

Executive Secretary
Dr Mohamed Ali

Deputy Secretary
Dr Fathmath Sausan Naseem

Dr Mohamed Ashraf

Dr Mohamed Ashraf
Dr Mohamed Areesh

Academic Secretary
Dr Mohamed Razzan Rameez

Scientific Secretary
Dr Mohamed Nasheed

Health Promotion Coordinator
Dr Minah Faiz Rashad


Election Committee Chairman
Mr Ali Zahir (Aza)

MMA elections 2016

Following candidates have applied

President – Dr Abdulla Niyaf

Vice president – Dr Ali Shahid Mohamed / Dr Mohamed Shaheel

Executive Secretary – Dr Mohamed Shaneez Najmy

Deputy secretary – Dr Mohamed Rifshan Ismail

Treasurer – Dr Ahmed Zooshan

Spokes person – Dr Aishath Eleena

Scientific Secretary – Dr Ibrahim Shiham

Academic Secretary – Dr Ahmed Saeed / Dr Ahmed Rasheed

Health Promotion Coordinator – Dr Assad Shaheed / Dr Efa Abdul Ghafoor
Campaigning can begin from now till 2000 hrs, 3rd March 2016 (Thursday)
Election commission –

Mr Ahmed Affal

Mr Ali Zahir

Mr Abdulla Mumeet
Elections will be held on –

Date: 4th March 2016 (Friday)

Time: 2000 – 2200 hrs

AGM: 2200 hrs

Venue: ADK hall

Calling for Candidates for MMA Executive Committee for 2016

The term for the current excom has come to an end.

Elections for a new excom would be held on 12th February 2016. Those interested, please send in your applications for the following posts before 2pm of 10th February 2016.

Take pride in leading the representative body of Maldivian medical professionals.

Please apply for the posts of: 
Vice President
Executive secretary
Deputy secretary
Academic secretary
Scientific secretary
Health promotion coordinator

This information and the application form are available on this website and our CLOSED Facebook GROUP too.

Please contact Dr Faisham (Executive Secretary) or Dr Athifa (Health Promotion Coordinator) for further information and submission of application forms.

MMDC re-registration

MMDC (Maldivian Medical & Dental Council) requires all doctors working at present to be re registered.

Article 58 of the Health Care Professionals Act 2015 states that all the medical/dental practitioners in Maldives should be registered in MMDC.

In addition, article 51 of the Act, states that its mandatory for health practitioners to obtain a license to practice from MMDC and in effect from Feb 13, 2016 it would bean offense, punishable by law to practice in Maldives without a license.

Re registration form:…/MMDC-Re-Registration-Form.pdf

contact address:

Maldives Medical Council
Ministry of Health
Roashani Building, 5th Floor
Sosan magu
Phone: 00960 3014469 / 00960 3014468
Fax: 00960 3014481

World AIDS day 2015

MMA in collaboration with HPA (National AIDS program) and with the support of WHO holds a CME on 1st December 2015, to raise awareness and to end the stigma at workplace towards patients and families with HIV/AIDS.

CME was inaugurated by WHO representative to the Maldives Dr Arvind Mathur.

DGHS – Dr Sheeza Ali

President MMA – Dr Fathimath Nadhiya

Sessions were conducted by Dr Ali Nazeem, Clinical focal point, National HIV program. Dr Nazla Rafeeq, Head of Communicable disease – HPA, Mr. Abdul Hameed, Focal point – AIDS program

Participants from IGMH, HMH, VMH, ADK hospital were present at the program.