MMA Position Statement on New Proposed Tobacco Control Regulations

MMA releases a position statement supporting the newly proposed tobacco regulations.

Calling for Candidates for MMA Executive Committee for 2016

The term for the current excom has come to an end.

Elections for a new excom would be held on 12th February 2016. Those interested, please send in your applications for the following posts before 2pm of 10th February 2016.

Take pride in leading the representative body of Maldivian medical professionals.

Please apply for the posts of: 
Vice President
Executive secretary
Deputy secretary
Academic secretary
Scientific secretary
Health promotion coordinator

This information and the application form are available on this website and our CLOSED Facebook GROUP too.

Please contact Dr Faisham (Executive Secretary) or Dr Athifa (Health Promotion Coordinator) for further information and submission of application forms.

MMA Bi-Election

Maldivian Medical Association announces that we will hold a Bi-election for the following posts:

1. Scientific Secretary
2. Academic Secretary

Election Date: 4th April 2013
Venue: IGMH Lecture Hall
Time: 8:30pm

Those members interested in contesting for the seats please contact Dr Nuzha (MMA Executive Secretary) and fill application form before deadline date 31st March 2013 by 14:00hr hours.

Please note the election date and make plans to be available to attend the GBM.
Thank you.

MMA Press Release on Tobacco Control Regulations [Dhivehi PDF]

On 23rd December 2012 MMA made a Press Release advocating against any further delay in implementing the Tobacco Control Regulations. The press release was part of a campaign MMA had undertaken in association with other concerned NGOs and was accompanied by letters send to The President and Vice President of Maldives, President and Vice President of the People’s Majlis and the Mugarrir of the Gawaaidhu Committee of the Majlis.

MMA Press Release – Tobacco Control Regulations [PDF]

MMA together with other NGOs working towards implementing Tobacco Regulations

MMA has been working with a number of NGOs to make sure the Tobacco Regulations are enforced on 1st of January 2013. In this regard, with much support and initiative by other NGOs, MMA has begun a public awareness campaign via various media outlets, written letters to and met with a number of members of the People’s Majlis and the State Executives to lobby against any further delay in it’s implementation.

We thank everyone who are working towards this important goal for the sake of well-being of the nation and it’s people.