Health Alert: warning to avoid exposure to smoke and fumes at today’s fire incident site.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by today’s fire incident in Male’. At this point in time Maldivian Medical Association would like to publicly issue an alert to avoid exposure to the smoke and fumes at the affected site. Such fumes are likely to be particularly harmful to people with pre-existing lung conditions (like Asthma,Continue reading “Health Alert: warning to avoid exposure to smoke and fumes at today’s fire incident site.”

MMA elections 2016

Following candidates have applied President – Dr Abdulla Niyaf Vice president – Dr Ali Shahid Mohamed / Dr Mohamed Shaheel Executive Secretary – Dr Mohamed Shaneez Najmy Deputy secretary – Dr Mohamed Rifshan Ismail Treasurer – Dr Ahmed Zooshan Spokes person – Dr Aishath Eleena Scientific Secretary – Dr Ibrahim Shiham Academic Secretary – DrContinue reading “MMA elections 2016”

Tobacco Control Regulations pass through Majlis.

The People’s Majlis Gawaaidhu Committee has passed the Tobacco Control Regulations to be enforced from 1st Jan 2013. MMA believes that this is a big step in trying to control tobacco related morbidities in the country, especially from second-hand smoking. MMA would like to congratulate and thank all NGOs, media organizations, members of the MajlisContinue reading “Tobacco Control Regulations pass through Majlis.”