Health Alert: warning to avoid exposure to smoke and fumes at today’s fire incident site.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by today’s fire incident in Male’.

At this point in time Maldivian Medical Association would like to publicly issue an alert to avoid exposure to the smoke and fumes at the affected site. Such fumes are likely to be particularly harmful to people with pre-existing lung conditions (like Asthma, etc), the elderly and the very young.

The public are urged to take heed of the advise of MNDF Fire & Rescue and Maldives Police Service and avoid gathering near the site or areas affected by smoke and fumes.

Those living in the area are alerted to keep doors and windows closed and stay indoor to avoid exposure.

MMA elections 2016

Following candidates have applied

President – Dr Abdulla Niyaf

Vice president – Dr Ali Shahid Mohamed / Dr Mohamed Shaheel

Executive Secretary – Dr Mohamed Shaneez Najmy

Deputy secretary – Dr Mohamed Rifshan Ismail

Treasurer – Dr Ahmed Zooshan

Spokes person – Dr Aishath Eleena

Scientific Secretary – Dr Ibrahim Shiham

Academic Secretary – Dr Ahmed Saeed / Dr Ahmed Rasheed

Health Promotion Coordinator – Dr Assad Shaheed / Dr Efa Abdul Ghafoor
Campaigning can begin from now till 2000 hrs, 3rd March 2016 (Thursday)
Election commission –

Mr Ahmed Affal

Mr Ali Zahir

Mr Abdulla Mumeet
Elections will be held on –

Date: 4th March 2016 (Friday)

Time: 2000 – 2200 hrs

AGM: 2200 hrs

Venue: ADK hall

Tobacco Control Regulations pass through Majlis.

The People’s Majlis Gawaaidhu Committee has passed the Tobacco Control Regulations to be enforced from 1st Jan 2013. MMA believes that this is a big step in trying to control tobacco related morbidities in the country, especially from second-hand smoking.

MMA would like to congratulate and thank all NGOs, media organizations, members of the Majlis and everyone who worked to get this regulation through the Majlis.

Towards a healthier nation.

WNTD 2012

We’ve just marked the World No Tobacco Day 2012. Prominent activities held included: printing and distribution of two Quit Smoking posters, a news supplement with every copy of Haveeru daily, coverage on Sun Online and an presentation for medical staff on Quit Campaign and The Laws relating to Tobacco regulation in Maldives and the challenges.
We’d like to thank Haveeru Daily, Sun Online & Mr Afaal for their special contributions.