MMA Excom 2014 Election Announcement [NEW]

MMA announces Executive Committee 2014 Elections once again. The previous announcement was cancelled because the number of applicants for posts was not sufficient to fill all Executive Committee posts. MMA urges its members to come forward to lead this professional body into the future.

Deadline for candidate application: 4pm 12JAN14 
Election: 4-9pm 15Jan14 @ IGMH
GBM: 8-9pm 15JAN14 @ IGMH
(Agenda: Election and Annual report)

Please apply for the posts of: 
Vice President
Executive secretary
Deputy secretary
Academic secretary
Scientific secretary
Health promotion coordinator

Please contact Dr Nuzha (Executive Secretary) or Dr Nusaiba (Deputy Secretary) for further information and application forms.
This information and the application form are available on this website and our CLOSED Facebook GROUP too.

Published by Maldivian Medical Association

The first professional representative body for doctors in Maldives.

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