Tobacco Control Regulations pass through Majlis.

The People’s Majlis Gawaaidhu Committee has passed the Tobacco Control Regulations to be enforced from 1st Jan 2013. MMA believes that this is a big step in trying to control tobacco related morbidities in the country, especially from second-hand smoking.

MMA would like to congratulate and thank all NGOs, media organizations, members of the Majlis and everyone who worked to get this regulation through the Majlis.

Towards a healthier nation.


MMA Press Release on Tobacco Control Regulations [Dhivehi PDF]

On 23rd December 2012 MMA made a Press Release advocating against any further delay in implementing the Tobacco Control Regulations. The press release was part of a campaign MMA had undertaken in association with other concerned NGOs and was accompanied by letters send to The President and Vice President of Maldives, President and Vice President of the People’s Majlis and the Mugarrir of the Gawaaidhu Committee of the Majlis.

MMA Press Release – Tobacco Control Regulations [PDF]

MMA together with other NGOs working towards implementing Tobacco Regulations

MMA has been working with a number of NGOs to make sure the Tobacco Regulations are enforced on 1st of January 2013. In this regard, with much support and initiative by other NGOs, MMA has begun a public awareness campaign via various media outlets, written letters to and met with a number of members of the People’s Majlis and the State Executives to lobby against any further delay in it’s implementation.

We thank everyone who are working towards this important goal for the sake of well-being of the nation and it’s people.